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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee (like Starbucks)

Have you waited in line at Starbucks… just to get to the register and the barista tells you, “we’re out of cold brew for the day”?!  I was at the Starbucks in Target when that happened and ended up walking down the kitchen appliance aisle and purchased the coffee appliances.  So now, I make as much cold brew I want and can have it any time I crave it.  It tastes just like Starbucks cold brew and it’s so easy to make!  Lastly, you save a lot of money doing a one-time purchase on these two appliances than spending $5+ per cold brew at Starbucks.

What you need:
Coffee bean grinder $12
French press $20
Coffee beans – your choice of coffee beans, not coffee ground.
Filtered water
Creamer/milk (optional) – original creamer or any flavor you like.



  1. Grind 8-10 tablespoons of coffee beans using your coffee grinder.  Ensure that your settings are on coarse setting, not fine!  If your coffee beans are too fine, it will seep through the french press.  It’s okay if some of the beans aren’t fully coarsen.
  2. Transfer the coffee grinds to the french press.
  3. Add 3-4 liquid cups of filtered water directly into the french press with the coffee grinds.  Filtered water will provide a cleaner and crisper taste to your coffee as opposed to tap water.
  4. Close the french press lid, ensuring that the press handle is pulled all the way up.  There should be enough room on the top of the water and coffee mixture to allow the lid press to close without pressing any coffee content down.
  5. Let it steep (aka don’t touch it) for 8-12 hours.  Enjoy the coffee smell.  I normally do this the night before, so I can have cold brew ready the next morning before work.
  6. After steeping for 8-12 hours, slowly press down the coffee content.
  7. Add ice cubes to your coffee cup.
  8. Fill your coffee cup halfway with the pressed coffee and the rest with cold filtered water.  It’s very caffeinated if you don’t dilute it!
  9. If you like your coffee black, then it’s ready for you to sip away.  Otherwise, add your desired cream/milk.  You can twist it up by changing creamer flavors: french vanilla, hazelnut, etc.
  10. Store remaining coffee from the french press to a cup/pitcher with a lid.  It should still be good after a couple days.

It’s that simple to make cold brew coffee at home!  The more often you make it, the less you’ll think about the steps.  It requires minimal time and effort.

Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored and is simply provided to you all from my honest opinion.

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