Burnside Farms

Can’t make it to the tulip fields in Holland?  Well, there’s a tulip field in Haymarket, Virginia!  Now, it’s not as grand as Amsterdam’s tulip and flower festivals but you’ll definitely get plenty of photo opportunities at this beautiful flower field.


It’s $8 online for ticket entrance and that allows you to roam the fields, moon bounce for the kids, and snacks like nuts, apple butter, and plenty more you can purchase at your visit.  You also have the option to pick your own tulips and daffodils, at $1 per tulip and $0.50 per daffodil.


The fields changes as the season changes offering a different experience each visit.  Tulips in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, pumpkin patch in the fall, and fir/pine trees in the winter.

Check out a short snippet of my experience at the tulip fields in the beginning of my “Being a Tourist in DC” vlog:

Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored and is simply provided to you all from my honest opinion.


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