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The Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Guide

Las Vegas is the most ideal city to knock off all the cliché to-do list for a Bachelorette trip.  So, whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, or bridesmaid – I hope you can get some ideas from my personal experience on the awesome things to do for a Bachelorette Party.

First, consider the time of the year you plan to go.  Obviously, you would want to plan it somewhat near the wedding.  However, there are slight differences in what you can do during particular times of the year.  For instance, outdoor pool parties are only available during the warmer months.  But going during cooler months can allow you to go sightseeing without getting exhausted in the super dry heat.  Regardless of when you go, you will have a blast nonetheless because – Sin City never sleeps.

I used my travel points on my American Express card to travel for free to Vegas. If you don’t already have a credit card with rewards – I highly recommend it because you can’t go wrong with travel perks! Google flights is also a great resource to search for flights. McCarran International Airport (LAS) is the closest airport to the strip. You can definitely kick it off by playing on the slots machine in the airport and order a big yard drink to quench your thirst.

Wyndham Grand Desert offers affordable suites that will fit up to 7-8 people. Splitting the suite cost amongst the girls is well worth it! Not only are you saving money that way, you don’t have to be in separate rooms. Wyndham is not directly on the strip, however it is not far from it. You can walk if you’re up for it or catch a short cab ride if you’re in heels. Hotels directly on the strip tend to be a bit costlier because they are mainly casino hotels, which are more luxurious. In my opinion, you’ll be out and about the entire trip – you only need a bed to sleep on at the end of the night. So a luxurious hotel is not needed. Utilize that money on something else!

Refer to my “Las Vegas Deliciousness” post on food recommendations.

Male Strip Show: can a girl say no to watching hot bods with baby oil slathered on these men?! When in Vegas, you must attend a male strip show. It’s great entertainment for a group of girls and it can become interactive. Chippendales is the most popular show everyone knows about but Aussie Hunks is also a great alternative. Aussie Hunks is a bit newer and slightly less expensive than Chippendales. You’ll have a great experience either way.

Strip Club: if you’re more into looking at girls working the pole, then by all means – go make it rain! There really isn’t a bad strip club in Vegas. Pick one and just go. Remember to have cash beforehand because ATM in strip clubs have a convenience fee.

Pole Dance Class: speaking of the pole… go learn some moves yourselves with your girlfriends. It’s a great time to practice some sexy moves. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than it seems to work the pole. You’ll get a great arm workout, for sure! We took our pole dancing class at Stripper 101 located in Planet Hollywood Casino.

It’s Britney, Bitch“: if you grew up in the 90’s and have a love for this pop star – go check her out! Her concert was so much fun and who doesn’t like 90’s pop?! If you’re not a Britney fan, there are plenty of other concerts and shows to choose from: J.Lo, Celine, Cirque du Soleil, Burlesque, etc.

Pool Parties: now this is not your typical neighborhood pool where you actually go swimming in the pool… no no. This is when you need to have the hottest bikini with high heels on. Hair done, makeup done. Yup, that kind of pool party. It’s essentially a crowded club but in a swimming pool. The hot pool parties are at: Encore Beach Club at XS and Marquee Day Club at the Cosmopolitan. If you prefer a less crowded pool party and just want to lay by the cabana with your girls, then Palms Pool Dayclub at the Palms is a good alternative.

Nightclubs: get your name on the VIP list. You can easily do so by contacting club promoters on Twitter or chat with one any other promotors you see at the day parties. The perks about being with a group of girls – you get to skip the lines, no cover charge, free drinks, and some places will even offer an entire table/cabana for your group. Great places to look at: Marquee, XS, and Hakkasan. The nightclub list is endless – I’m sure you’ll have a blast at whichever club you go to. All you need is good music and booze to start dancing the night away.

Be a Tourist: aside from all the drinking and clubbin’ you’ll do… give your liver a little break and go sightseeing. Recommended tourist attractions:
Bellagio Fountain Show – I’m sure you’ve seen it before on TV but this is a must-see in person. Even better, make reservations and request the patio seating at Mon Ami Gabi to enjoy lunch/dinner and watch the fountain show at the same time. Be sure to check out inside the Bellagio – botanical garden and their seasonal art exhibits.
Flamingo – check out actual flamingos and other tropical wildlife habitat!
Fremont Street – this is Old Town Vegas! Just a short drive away from the strip brings you to a whole different world. Cheaper drinks, old school casinos, outdoor music, and a really unique visual show (be sure to look up).
Venetian – Italy… in Vegas! Everything about the Venetian is definitely worth the visit. The architecture and the entire design of the Venetian is gorgeous. They even have a gondola flowing throughout the Venetian! Grab yourself some gelato and pop a squat on the gondola ride.

Other suggestions: indoor skydiving, ATV riding in the desert, hiking, or helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. The list is endless! I recommend searching for some deals on Groupon. You can snag some good deals for group activities and possibly find other suggestions that I haven’t mentioned here. Regardless of how hard you party or how chill you want to be – there are plenty of things that will tickle your fancy in Las Vegas. Good luck with the planning and enjoy the last fling before the ring!

Check out my adventures in Vegas:

Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored and is simply provided to you all from my honest opinion.

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