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The Big Apple

I have been to New York City several times but never on a spontaneous trip. My friend, Thanh texted me just two days prior, asking if I wanted to go. Without any hesitation, I booked my bus ticket.

I’ve driven into NYC, taken the MegaBus, and flew into JFK airport. But this time – I used Eastern Shuttle. Eastern Shuttle is a bus service from DC to NYC offered daily and it’s inexpensive. To my surprise, it was a clean, new, and quite spacious. The bus schedule was on time without any delay. The round-trip cost was only $39 with their current promotional code. MegaBus tickets are within the same price range but often delayed and a double decker is way too cramped.

My trips tend to always follow an itinerary because I am a very detail-oriented individual and I like crossing tasks off my list. But we had nothing planned for this spur-of-the-moment trip. We went with the flow for 12 hours in the city and I enjoyed every moment of it.

What and where we tackled in 12 hours:
Central Park | Upper Manhattan
One of my favorite places to visit every time! While the hustle and bustle city never sleeps – you can stop and take a breather in this beautiful park. The best season to go is autumn with the amazing foliage – plenty of photo opps.

New York Public Library | Midtown Manhattan
I’m sure we all remember that SATC scene, where Carrie Bradshaw was going to wed there. This is a must-see! NYPL is the second largest public library in the states.

Laduree | Upper East Side
Macarons! You can’t go wrong with these delicious, pretty bites. A bit more on the expensive side but it’s okay to indulge once in awhile.

Friedman’s | Midtown West
We didn’t make it in time for the brunch menu but we settled for lunch. My grilled cheese sandwich with bacon was so tasty.

Rubirosa | Little Italy
I highly recommend this place. They executed a perfect spaghetti meatballs entrée. I love this classic dish, so I’m very picky when it comes to al dente noodles and well-seasoned meatballs. Also, their pizza is a must-try.

10Below Ice Cream | Chinatown
A cooler way to eat ice cream – made and rolled up right in front of you.

If you don’t remember the last time you went on a spontaneous trip, then you’re missing out. We get so worked up in our daily lives keeping up with work and family. The daily grind is extremely important, but you need to live a little and appreciate life.

FTC: this article is not sponsored and is simply provided to you all from my honest opinion.

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I love traveling the world and my taste buds are constantly searching for delicious food. Out of all the hats I wear, my favorite job is being a mom! Explore vicariously with me through my camera lens and video captures.


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